magnetic signs

Attract attention (and customers) to your business with easy-on/easy-off magnetic car signs

Sometimes a car or truck must do double duty — functioning as your personal vehicle after-hours and on weekends while serving as your business vehicle throughout each workday.

Custom car and truck magnets from Bold Signz inc. are a great way to get the most promotional value from your ride. At the start of each business day, you’ll affix these strong but thin door-side magnets to any smooth, flat magnetic surface and advertise your company all over town. Spread the good word on your company, products or services as you make sales, service, pick-up and delivery runs!

Are you done for the day and ready to return your vehicle to personal use? Remove your vehicle magnet, set it aside overnight and use it again and again on the business days to follow! Durable and paint-safe, they’re not only fully customizable but also readily reusable!

Enjoy many benefits when using our magnetic car and truck signs

Affordable solutions, vehicle magnets from Bold Signz Inc. offer you considerable advantages. They are:

  • Customizable: We’ll design and print your magnets with your logo, contact information and images in a size to fit your car or truck. Feel free to think outside the usual rectangular box; we offer car magnets in custom shapes, too!
  • Durable: Go ahead and use your vehicle magnet signs every day, in any weather. Built tough, they will deliver for you for years to come.
  • Secure: Don’t worry about your vehicle magnets flying off. Wind tested, they’ll adhere to your clean door sides securely. That said, they remove easily in your parking lot or driveway at the end of the workday when it’s time to return your vehicle to personal use!
  • Transferable: Our vehicle magnets adhere to any steel surface. Use them on your car one day, your pick-up the next, your van the day after. The value of these promotional graphics goes on and on with every usage!
  • Vibrant: Printed on the most advanced equipment, your custom designs will look good today, tomorrow and for a long time to come. Our fade-resistant, UV-safe inks help ensure an attractive and vibrant appearance for your magnetic signage.
  • Versatile: The promotional power of our magnetic signage is not limited to cars and trucks. Construction equipment, portable generators, refrigerators, tool storage units, storage shelving, machinery, doors and other steel surfaces are all candidates for our magnetic signs … and your advertising messages!

Make the most of your vehicle magnet with these tips

Get maximum usage and value from your car and truck magnetic signs from Bold Signz by following these suggestions:

  • Clean the car’s surface and magnet before installing it; use a damp cloth and let them air dry. This will ensure a strong magnetic connection and also prevent dirt from scratching your vehicle’s paint.
  • Install the magnetic vehicle sign “flush” and on a flat surface; avoid placing it on curves or over molding. Edges and corners must lay flat against the vehicle and “air pockets” under the magnet should be avoided to ensure strong adhesion to your car or truck at higher speeds.
  • Remove your vehicle magnets during car washes to avoid damage to them.
  • Reset the magnetic memory of your signage before first installing one by placing it on a flat magnetic surface for 24 hours; the side of your refrigerator would be one such location. Most vehicle magnets are shipped rolled, so this procedure will also help flatten them.
  • Store car and truck magnetic signs flat and out of direct sunlight. They should be kept in cool locations. Also, avoid storing your magnet signage with the magnetic side touching the magnetic side of other signs.

Check with our vehicle magnet pros before proceeding

We encourage you to bring in your vehicle to Bold Signz Inc before ordering a magnetic advertising sign for cars, trucks, vans, trailers or other vehicles. Our signage pros will:

  • Custom design your signage to your business or organization. We can create attractive designs featuring your company name, logo, and colors, and suggest shapes that go beyond simple rectangles.
  • Ensure your car or truck is made of steel, which is magnetic. This may seem like a “given,” but increasingly entire vehicles or major portions of them (e.g., bumpers) are made of aluminum, carbon fiber or plastic. Magnetic signs do not work on these surfaces.
  • Measure your car door, van side or other proposed location and recommend a vehicle magnet sized to fit your intended application.