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Q: What do I call it? LED signs? EMC signs? Electronic Message Center signs? Digital Display Signs? Leader Boards? LED Signs?

For all intents and purposes the phrases LED sign, EMC sign, electronic message center sign, electronic signs, digital displays, leader boards, and digital signs are typically interchangeable terms/phrases. Therefore, we will also use the terms synonymously to mean the big color screens which you can show color pictures and videos of your business advertisements.

Looking for a custom EMC (Electronic Message Center) sign company? Bold Signz Inc. provides every and any size custom EMC (Electronic Message Center) signs for businesses. As one of the premier custom sign companies in Niagara we have the full staff to deliver what your company needs to produce a massive ROI (Return on investment) using the custom digital signage becoming so popular in businesses today.


Businesses use the following terms interchangeably: custom digital LED sign, LED signage, custom EMC sign, custom electronic message center sign, custom electronic signs, custom digital display, custom leader boards, and custom digital signs. These can be specially designed, installed, and repaired to order, and Creative Signs Inc. can maintain signs as well. Call today to find out if your business is zoned to allow Digital signage, EMC, or electronic message centers.


Custom EMC sign companies in Niagara, have many choices for digital sign manufacturers. Bold Signz Inc. in has found a manufacturer to work with that is reliable we trust them with our business’ marketing and advertising needs and budget. A business needs a custom digital sign, EMC, or electronic message center that can look great, last for a long period of time, and give full control to the business to send the right message to the right customers at the correct time.  Digital sign companies in Niagara should have a long history and pedigree of supplying reliable products on an agreed upon time frame. Providing digital sign service is also something Bold Signz Inc. is also whey businesses seek us out.

A EMC sign, electronic message center, or digital sign company needs to be proficient and efficient at walking businesses through the complete process of whether you are able to have a digital sign, EMC, or electronic message center, then which one is right for your business and budget, lastly installation and maintenance to make sure you are advertising uninterrupted for years to come. Electronic displays and electronic sign companies are not all created equal. A business should do in-depth initial research into all aspects of electronic message boards to make sure this long term decision ends up making your business money, instead of costing it money.


Custom sign companies like Bold Signz Inc. which provide and install EMC signs, electronic message centers, and digital signage should be vetted on more than just price. If you are looking for a custom sign company in Niagara that can provide a high-quality product as well as exceptional service, then Bold Signz Inc. is the local sign company to meet those needs. Electronic reader boards are a huge investment.


Using EMC, electronic message centers, or digital signs gives businesses the chance to experience more possibilities for affordable advertising and customer/consumer awareness than ever before using custom LED signs. Using simple time/temperature units, to full-color animated centers, we will work hard with you to find the right custom EMC, custom LED, custom digital display, and/or custom leader board solution for your business or institution. Check out our gallery with different photos of a variety of EMC, LED, digital display, leader boards, and electronic signs we have installed.