corporate branding

Corporate Branding? “Why is it so important”

Corporate branding holds an important place in marketing, for both small and large companies. A successful corporate brand is defined by the company’s mission, values, and objectives. The purpose of adopting a corporate brand is to have a unique and consistent look and feel across every medium.

Creating a powerful brand

Every business, no matter its size, benefits from branding and maintaining itself as recognizable to its patrons, and community that it represents. Branding allows a business to differentiate themselves from their competition. It attaches a personality.

This personality is what people relate to, by establishing relationships with customers and potential customers. This encourages brand loyalty, which cements the business’s future in the market and creates a consistent platform for the business to stand on in order to get messages out to the consumer.




Bold Signz Inc helps with corporate identity programs. Whether you’re launching a new brand or bringing an existing business to new locations, choosing our team as your branding partner gets the job done right. Working from the ground-up involves managing the priorities of multiple stakeholders ranging from ground locates to local municipal permits. Our experienced project managers know what questions to ask and what answers to supply. Our talented designers clearly articulate brand guidelines to develop signage solutions that meet your graphic standards while accommodating code regulations and ordinances. And before our skilled sign craftsmen begin work, we provide computer renderings of your signage superimposed over your property. The end result is a project that’s completed on time, within budget and to your satisfaction, and a grand opening that puts your brand in the best possible light.

Every successful corporation has a place they call home. Sometimes their site is tucked away in a business park; others have high visibility sites that are open to traffic of all kinds. Either way, our team has helped many companies become a more visible part of the corporate community in which they are located with our high quality signs and brand-building graphics.

When we are on your team, you’ll find a committed partner who puts your business goals at the center of every project we undertake. When you are in the need of a quality image for your organization, your brand is serious business to us, and we are committed to being a consistent and reliable resource to help present your brand to the world. That’s our promise, whether we are working on a single sign for your corporate headquarters, or a multi-sign project for many.